Goals for 2024

Still gutted I didn’t get to ride it due to injuring my hip. Still a goal for me but first is to get back to some proper riding and doing 50-60mile rides again.

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Sounds awesome! A bucket list event for me

When will you do everest?

I’m hoping August.
It will be the tenth one I complete WHEN I complete it

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That’s the right mentality !

Wow! 10! Why so many? Hope you don’t mind me asking

Not at all.
It’s just something I got into - I was aiming to do one a month for a year but that didn’t pan out - that is another story!

But the one up the tumble - that’s the last one I have planned - not saying I won’t do another - but it’s the one that beat me - and that just don’t sit right with me

Very cool! I look forward to following your jouny :slight_smile:

Kinda want to hear that story!? Appreciate there might be some parts you don’t want to share, but even attempting this is incredible.

Here ya go @Beth

And to update - the comeback continues - hence the desire for the Everest that got away


My absolute #1 goal is to complete Unbound 100 in a decent time. I’m a newbie to cycling and endurance events, but I’m feeling confident Coach Pav will set me up for success.


Awesome goal!! I’m sure @pav will help you crush it.

Such an awesome event! I hope you post updates on your progress :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting and welcome to the group!!

TransIbérica again, Monaco di Bavaria Challenge (basically being Dolomites finest), ASA epic (1000K ride from the midst of NL to the Sauerland region), everesting and multiple Audax rides.

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That is awesome!!! I look forward to following this

Can’t wait to hear more! Will you post along your journey please? I’d love to hear more

Well, signed up for the HOPE 1000, must have been drunk … :sweat_smile:
Will add in some Audax rides to prepare. Later in July I am aiming for a Bikingman Event, if I can get a slot.


Awesome!! Great to hear from you too @Patrick - hope you are well :slight_smile:

all good thank you @pav :slight_smile: working on my fitness, just hope to avoid another flu … :wink: should have gotten everything which floats around atm …