Goals for 2024

Based on your year so far, what have you got planned for 2024?

Haute Route Alps … that is at least the idea.


Awesome!! I look forward to building on what we’ve created so far :slight_smile:

Great question @pav. I’m really not sure. I have been inspired by the group and think I should commit to something a little bigger. @miffedoldpizza has my possibility there too. Will see.

  1. definitely no surgeries
  2. no time lost to injuries
  3. Tour of Flanders because it’s so bonkers and cobbles always make me giggle
  4. more events because since covid I seem to have gone into my shell

All my other plans are dependent on 1 & 2. would like to finally nail a 12 hour TT to my satisfaction. I also have a date with Cingles de Ventoux. A decent event with my best mate. Maybe a real Everest to go with my virtual one.

Has 1 & 2 plagued you this year?

Sadly yes. I hurt my left knee at the start of December and nursed it back to function. On a family holiday in April it deteriorated rapidly again. I had surgery in the middle of June. The surgery was a complete success and recovery was great. Sadly within a few days of the surgery it became apparent that my right knee was also shot. I hadn’t noticed because the left one was worse. After a misdiagnosis from the radiologist I lost a few weeks and am now scheduled for surgery early October. In the meantime I am on crutches most of the time. At least I can still ride my bike a bit. Everything else hurts.

So, I lost December to the original injury. may and June to waiting for surgery and recovery. September and October will be the same.

Fingers crossed next year is better. The strange thing is that despite all of this my 365 day TSS score is the highest it has ever been.

Sorry to hear that @Kicikacsa - hoping 2024 is better for you.

For me, I think I will aim for something a little more interesting. I’ve been enjoying some of the talk around audax’s. Maybe I’ll look at that.

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Hi @Beth I think I’m looking in a similar direction as you for 2024. It would be good to try some of the longer audax’s to push the mileage a bit. And then see where that takes me…

I forgot that I also have the Norwegian Hammer on my bucket list. From Trondheim to Oslo.


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Probably just the Maratona again!

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More time trials for me!

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Some awesome goals here!

Be less terrible… does that count? :wink:

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Sounds like a great plan!

Lose kiloooooooooooos


Join the club :roll_eyes:. Any target events?

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I would love toooooooooo!!


Dragon ride devil route
Sub 12 hours total - did it in 13hrs12 last year - it’s a big target but let’s see how close I can get.

Also to Everest that dammed tumble hairpin side. Beaten me three times - twice legs once head


Love that - I’ll join you!

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