Ongoing issue with saddle tears on either side of the perineum

Question, has anyone else been suffering from “skin tears” on either side of the perineum. This seems to an ongoing issue for me. I have had 3 bike fits done, tried different bibs and chamios creams. I’ve explored different saddles. I took 2 months off to let things heal only to have it start again once I was a month in. I get out of my bibs right after and always shower and clean. I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I’m curious for any type of feedback that might help with this issue.

The only other thing I could think of is what type of soap or body wash are you using? The doc’s on the squad recommend perfume free natural soap with zero chemicals. I can’t remember the name of the brand sorry, but it’s a certain soap that doesn’t dry out your skin.
Also I know certain washing powders cause some riders on the squad issues.
Hope that helps, if I find out the name of the stuff I’ll let you know.

Dermol 500 lotion is what I use post ride. They do a wash version as well but the lotion can also be used as a soap substitute.

It’s was a pro rider who told me about it.

Laundry liquid choice. This was it for me. After switching to something more natural, I had greatly reduced skin issues.

Thank you very much Kevstorr. I will give that a try and see if it helps with some of the itching that is happening. Did you ever suffer from splits in the skin as well?

Thank you for the suggestion. I will look at changing my detergent and see if that helps. Did you ever suffer from skin splits as well?

Ouch. Hope you get this sorted!

Thank you, so do I :slight_smile:

Not really but was feeling the skin dry and some soreness on occasion. That had me looking at options and that was what was suggested to me.

I’m amazed by how often this is an occurrence. I hope you all get this sorted :slight_smile:

Thank you JustinTime, so do I.

Have you had any luck fixing this yet?

Hi James,

I’m trying to order shorter cranks. I’m 5’8" and my bike came with 172.5mm length. I had a friend who has done many bike fits film me while doing a hard workout on bike and he noticed my hips still shifting from side to side. The thought is to try something smaller and see if that helps to minimize any movement.

I appreciate you asking!

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I am 6’ and ride 165mm on all my bikes. I am considering going shorter on my TT bike. I never regretted going shorter. So much more comfortable.

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I’m 6’1 and ride 175mm. I hope this sorts your issue, but the fact it’s a hard workout could indicate more core weakness than bike fit.

Do you notice the sores get worse after long ride or after intense workouts? @Duke68

I have ordered some 170mm and will try that. I can easily resell them if I want to go down to 165mm. My overall intuition says to go to 165mm however when talking with my bike store there was no firm due date for Sram Force cranks. I appreciate your input!

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That’s a good suggestion. I would like to think I have a fairly strong core however I improve. Do you have any standard exercises that you do? As for when I started noticing them I can’t pinpoint it. I went from a lower volume of riding to larger. I had professional bike fits done. Once the tears started I chose to keep on riding while consulting my doctor. At the end of the season I took 1.5months off to let them heal and sure enough the tears started again. I had another bike fit done, tried a different saddle etc. I’ve ordered some 170mm and will work on core exercises.

I appreciate your input!

Another one who is looking at moving to shorter cranks at 173cm and standard bikes comes at 172.5mm cranks. For me this has more been driven by my hip/SI injury and the thought is opening the hip angle will help reduce the pressure on that joint.

I have got some 170mm which seem ok but now looking at 165mm. Probably just get some cheaper 105 or lower groupset and then if I take to them get Ultegra later.

Hi Kev, would you like to borrow a set with 24mm BB spindle to try?