New club name?

Hello everyone!!

Taking suggestions for a club that I might possibly form…

While I would love and appreciate it being called something like “Club Coach Pav” - I think we would be more inclusive if it was something else.

Chat GPT has been :poop: at helping me :joy: so hoping real people might have an idea!

Thinking that I want it to convey togetherness, camaraderie, inclusivity. Have a strong energy and suggest health or athleticism, but not be specific to just cycling.

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Just messing about - Pavlova - Pav lover
Sorry it’s a holiday today and too much time to think.


On a more serious note, how about reviving the name Direct Power CC. I thought this was great first time around and still do.


:rofl: nice one @Kicikacsa.

My 1st thought was also DPCT. How about that @pav ?

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Also can’t stop thinking about DPCT…

Only issue is I want it to be more than just cycling.

Chat GTP did better this time:

  1. PowerConnect
  2. Pure Force
  3. Energy Direct
  4. StrengthLink
  5. Power Nexus
  6. Vital Surge
  7. Empower Drive
  8. Force Fusion
  9. Dynamo Connect
  10. VigorLink
  11. Power Thrive
  12. Empower Force
  13. Strength Unleashed
  14. Vital Energy Direct
  15. Energy Vanguard

How about “Team Unbroken” “Endurance Collective” or something like that?

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Where the club will be based at? its will help to find you name

Paradise Endurance Collective !!!

The Endurance Collective - TEC
The Power & Endurance Club or Collective - T PEC

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Joking perhaps

Pav’s Decimals - stronger together
The Cult of Pav

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TEC is pretty cool :slight_smile:

I do like TEC, thank you @kevstorr

Needs to be global @Spoow , but thank you :slight_smile:

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I like TEC too. It does sound just a little bit like the escape collective.

Pav’s Endurance Club?

Generally I think Chat GTP has some work to do.

The 4th version is quite good. Still takes a while to get what you want, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. Cheaper at $20 per month compared to using a human to help.

I looove Team Unbroken. Sounds really strong and I’m sure will appeal to lots of different types of people and athlete

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I do like “The Endurance Collective” … kind of ripped off Mike Cotty. Puts a lot of pressure on you to produce videos like he does :wink:

Should be a Strava Club and a ZWIFT Club then as well.

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Haha!! I’ll have to check that out.

Front runners seem to be:

“The Endurance Collective”
“Team Unbroken”

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Team Unbroken for me!

Exciting! What will be the general idea of the club, @pav ?