Gift ideas for cyclists!

Curious what you will be getting for, or asking from, loved ones next month?


Camera for bike, after all the aggressive drivers that were out to get me on Saturday!


Same as @SarahL.

Shame it has to be this.


Have you got your eye on a particular system?

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Seems a bunch of us are thinking the same thing. Something like this and maybe some new cycling shoes.

I’ve no idea, N+1 I guess :rofl:

  1. Need want some gym matting to cover the floor of my pain cave area of the garage.
  2. New shoes - Lake as they have wide fitting.
  3. Power meter probably Pedal based just not sure single or dual sided or just crank arm.
  4. Helmet
  5. Gravel bike not that funds allow

Would love a gravel bike from Santa too… What have you been looking at @kevstorr ?

Hmmmmmmmm, tough one this. I think in order of descending absurdness:

  1. the return of my right buttock which (the wife kindly pointed out) has atrophied to half of the size of its buddy due to knee injury.
  2. the ability to draw in CAD so that I can design and print my own 3d aero components / loaded Matrix style
  3. A bum that will survive 12 hours in the aero bars
  4. more chains to wax because its so much fun @terry
  5. someone to buy all of the bikes & stuff I am trying to sell on eBay.
  6. a notio aero sensor
  7. an injury & surgery free year
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I could defiantly take a lot of those for myself. Rebuild my left glute so I can actually ride properly again outdoors with the club and not just on the trainer for up to an hour.

Injury free year would be amazing.
I really need to start waxing…

Chains that is well mostly :rofl:

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Thats where I’m slightly conflicted. Trek, Sondar, Ribble are in the mix but can’t really decided between faster or more adventure. I could just rebuild my cx bike but can’t get anything bigger than 38mm tyres on it.

That must have been a horrible injury for that to happen. Must have been a long time of no use?

Also - do you have your own 3d printer?

I have had some limitations for 2 months, followed by surgery and 6 weeks basically off the bike. The body tries to compensate for the discomfort. Apparently.

Yes. Just a small simple one but great fun, especially with the kids.

Cool! Have you printed anything for your bike?

A few bits and pieces. A between the arms bottle mount, a downtube storage box for my Zipp and a one piece nose cone for a Cervelo P5. I follow print4watts on insta. If only I could draw I would do a lot of the things he does.

That’s actually very cool @Kicikacsa !

I tend to buy my cycling stuff myself to avoid any misunderstandings.

However this year, I did put a pink POC Tempor Helmet onto the list. No, this thing does not exist, even though it utterly deserves to do so. Just to keep the minions busy.

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Are you sure there isn‘t a EF Education pink POC tempor?
And are you sure that thing would be fast for you?

EF has a pink POC Tempor … But you cannot buy it.

Would it be fast for me. Good question. I do like the longer tail, so you can feel when your head is in the right position. And it has a certain goofiness that fully reflects my personality.

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