Zwift / Wahoo Kickr Resistance

Asking on behalf of a client! Can anyone explain how to set Zwift so that it has a flat resistance - not ERG mode, but not so the resistance changes with the terrain in world?

Essentially, one resistance that allows the user to switch gears. Is this controlled within Wahoo?

Feeling like @Kicikacsa might be able to help?

I think this describes what your client is looking for?

Bump your Trainer Difficulty up to 100% and you’ll feel the full gradient. Set it to 0% and you won’t feel gradient changes at all!


Or choose a flat course! That’s what I do over on RGT

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Thanks for this Joel and welcome to the community!!

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Thanks Andy - I appreciate this :slight_smile:

That’s correct, trainer difficulty would sort this best. Here’s a helpful article on this as well:

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You can set up you own training session and set it at the power you want to ride at, and set the time you want to ride. If you save that then you can pick that training session every time you want a steady easy route.

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Thank you both for that!!

To acieve that, you have to be in a workout and deavtivate ERG mode, either by deselecting it at the start of the workout or with the button in the HUD. You then get a second pair of arrow up/down buttons in the HUD to adjust your resistance. If you press one of them, the resistance is shown as a little bar next to the elapsed time box.

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Useful to know this, thank you!!

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Thanks for this everyone!! I’ll pass this on :slight_smile:

@pav I never run my workouts in Zwift using ERG mode. I much prefer to use the gears to adjust my power. I have in the past also found on some trainers in workouts ERG mode adjusts to suddenly and you can’t always get on top of the gear, keep you cadence up. You can get into what has been referred to as the serial of doom.

Also for sprint workouts ERG often can’t respond quick enough. You can just toggle ERG on and off in either the companion app or through the onscreen options at the bottom.