Who take's control and ownership of their nutrition

Cooking is something I’ve always seen as a hassle.

Wasted time where I could be out riding, running having fun, etc

After all I live in a world where other people have thought of me and produced all these easy, quick to prepare and eat products. Be that Rice Krispies, Sugar Puffs, Pot Noodles, and ready meals.

However for me it wasn’t until the beginning of 2018 when a fat and overweight me with a young daughter and fast approaching 50 year old woke up one day and realised I wanted and needed to be around for my daughter.

The journey I started then I’m still on. I learnt about nutrition and food and that it isn’t just about not exercising. The not exercising was something I’d blamed, the busy life, traveling all the time for work. I couldn’t even blame the beer or drink as I didn’t really drink lots.

In short I changed and took control…

I did the food shopping and the cooking, yes that thing I hated and saw as a waste of my valuable time. This is still me there are days each week when I really can’t face cooking and ok I might more or less cook the same things week in week out but it is all from scratch with real foods.

Doing this might be some low hanging fruit that gives you the marginal gains in hitting your goals. For me this is all part of building the base for my life today and then the exercise and training comes next.

Just interested in others views on this?

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Inspirational! I love this. I can relate and find it very boring to do those tasks and too easy to resort to ultra-processed foods. I am with you

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I have always been like this, but recently my partner started taking more control in the kitchen and with food shopping too. It was both weird and appreciated!


This is a great thread, thank you for sharing. I very closely align with you on this

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Hi Kev, great post. I think seeing your experiences over the last few years, I have become much more conscious. I cook for the family during the week and try to mix things up. I cook from scratch at least 4 of those 5 nights and aim to get a minimum of 5 different fruit or vegetables in each evening meal.

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Some really good thoughts in here - than you

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I have watched a couple of really interesting things this week.
Hack Your Health - the secrets of your gut

You Are What You Eat - a twin experiment

Well worth a watch of both of these. I sense more changes in our home menu coming up.


Thanks for the suggestion. Will check these out

Both on Netflix.

Also on a similar note Dr’s Zand identical twins did an experiment on each eating differently one switching to eating 80% ultra processed foods.



Thanks for that. will be watching these

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