Which power meter?

My Stages finally gave up. It’s been a journey of pain and anguish, but it finally ended at the weekend.

I need something new and am looking for reviews on which model or type of power meter?

I have experience of 3 systems. Having started with power2max spider systems, I then switched to Assioma Duo pedals. I have a pair of cheap-ish IQ2 power pedals that came to me in a round about route.

I find having a pedal system better than the crank based one because I have different chain rings on different bikes. With a little practice I can swap them between bikes in less than 5 minutes. The Assioma‘s have been a joy. They are a decent pedal to start with. As a power meter they are easy to pair, calibrate etc. and have a decent battery life - my guess would be 30-40 hours. They are also dead easy to charge. These would definitely be my reco.

The IQ2 system are still on test. They are only about €400 and seem to work ok. They use a coin cell battery but I don’t know how long the battery lasts yet.

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Second what @Kicikacsa says. Assioma are great. Work well, easy to use, good price point

Love my Assioma’s - had some issues, but were fixed promptly (during covid too actually)

4iii, single crankarm. Using it now for 4 years.

Also for Assioma pedals

Anyone got any experience with the Assioma DUO-Shi to convert Shimano pedals?

It also seems crazy that Garmin Rally single side are virtually the same cost as Assioma Duo’s.

Got a Stages single sided on my climber, and Assimo’s on the TT bike.

Assimo’s because the TT bike does not have the clearance for the Stages. And becase I ride Look pedals everywhere.

Like the Stages for it’s low weight overhead. Love the Assimos, because they are dual sided.

No negatives up to now.

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