Which bike upgrade is best


Which upgrade is really worth it? I live in a flat area and I don’t travel with my bike. I’m aiming for more aero/speed.

My bike is a Bianchi Infinito.

I would go for:

Tyres / tubes
Aero helmet
Aero clothes
Waxed chain
Aero cockpit

Agree with Julian. Watts/CdA over watts/KG. The “lose weight” response is a loaded one, and requires care and thoight. I would just add bike fit - you could end up losing or sacrificing speed if you try and get aero but your position is uncomfortable. Intertwined with this is (1) flexibility: generally the more flexible the easier it is to hold an aero position. and (2) potentially the need to work on muscle groups that help provide comfort and support to allow you to hold an aero position - ie core and neck/upper back and glutes. It’s a multifaceted answer. IMHO it’s part kit upgrades and part body upgrades. Good luck ! Steve

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Anything that rotates on you bike, ie wheels, cranks, jockey wheels, cassette make lighter and bigger.
Deeper wheels that are light, over sized jockey wheels and the lightest cranks you can get. That will go a long way to help.

Position is a mine field with regard to speed v comfort. If you set an aggressive aero position your need to do a load of core work and mobility to be able to ride in that position.

Lastly and probably the most important, is what you wear. You are the biggest mass pushing through the air, a far greater area than your bike. So clothing choice is the biggest gain by far. Ie. Skinsuit.

Just a few thoughts, hope that helps.

Thank you all for your replay!!

Body upgrade is indeed important!

The other thing that I would say about aero position is the eyeball wind tunnel is notoriously uncalibrated. As soon as you get a half decent aero position then what works becomes very personal. At this stage you need to start some form of testing.

Some excellent info here. Nothing else I can add!

Agreed with yuktester. Good advice here already :slight_smile:

For me invest in yourself ahead of spending money on sparkly bits of kit. So S&C and mobility work ahead of anything.

As mentioned a proper bike fit needs to take into account how long you can actually hold the position. Lets think how many riders slam the stem but then spend virtually all their time riding on the tops because they get a bad back been in the drops for too long.

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I second Kev’s comments on bike fit. Following his previous comments along these lines, I have made my position progressively less aggressive and got steadily faster.

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Bike fit for me too!

I agree with bike fit. The biggest change I saw in my performance was after having a pro bike fit. Amazing how much better I felt

Yep. Similar results after having a pro bike fit.