What's everyone up to?

Hey everyone, it has gone really quiet which I am sure is due to you all smashing events left right and centre. How about some event reports and check ins? Ta Julian


Going to tag a few people I know have done awesome stuff recently. Hopefully someone will add an inspiration story :pray: :pray::


Thanks :wink:

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joined the gym with a awesome trainer…i made the mistake of saying

“im a cyclist…need core”

guy is doing crazy shit to my body!..feeling the bite!

then there is coach pav working me over like he does…did an FTP test on sat…room for improvement!

that said im getting tag teamed in fitness goals!

of course Giro stages 430am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2::it:

day off looks like this with Italian Dominatrice No1


thats about it…
.full dance card!..oh then there is work to pay for all these nasty habits! :v:t2::+1:t2::joy:


I’m also looking for some inspiration after a long bout with sickness :frowning:

I’m training for the dragon. Did a really fab enjoyable ride last week - with about 80% of the climbing and distance as a prep ride.
It went really well - completed within my target time - confidence is high - I hope that confidence doesn’t come back and bite me on the arse!

I‘m still recovering from the last bits of Covid which hit me pretty hard. I guess the bike session on the day when I got sick was not ideal but I didn‘t see it coming.
Before that, I did the Eschborn-Frankfurt spotive. Pav got me fit on point and I made a big step forward with race nutrition compared to my last event. I had two 950ml bottles with 160g of carbs each and took another 40g/hr with gels. Combined with about 4hrs time I ended up with 120g/hr and no stop. The power was there until the very end.
I‘m not sure what to do next, first I want to get 100% healthy again. The Whoop band helps a lot to get objective numbers to make the decision when to start again.

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I was supposed to do the Dragon last year but Injury to my SI made me drop out.

Enjoy it.

I’m busy trying to rehab my hip still and get back on the bike.

In the meantime I’m enjoying trail running and have a loose goal of running 50k Ultra this year if I can get my hip ok.

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Sounds like a fair bit of sickness and/or injury :frowning:

I’ll Bite,

Just did 156-miler up Mount Rainier and back! Longest ride to-date (1 mile more than my Everest a year or two back haha… granted Rainier was no Everest). More importantly, it was the first ride I 100% enjoyed the entire time I was out there in a very long time! Still dreading the Vo2 intervals today though… pretty sure I was having nightmares about them last night!

Climb On!


Congrats on that! Sounds awesome. Did you get any pics?

Posted a few on the pinstagram :slight_smile: Dalton L'Heureux on Instagram: "Is he finally back?!? It's been a while since I've had a ride this good. Beautiful day! Felt great! And only a handful of a-holes on the road! Big thank you to my wife @kirajlhappy for continuing to support me through turbulent times! And thanks to @pavbryan for helping me get back on track with cycling! Finally looking forward to the next big ride! https://strava.app.link/pKUmHAEiYzb"

Nice! Well done everyone. Very inspirational.

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Congrats on that @UncleDalty nice work!

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It was an awesome effort too, Dalton. Kudos.

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Wow, nice!! Great work :slight_smile:

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Currently failed my first ultrarace by scratching because of homesickness. Something to work on. In the preparation I beat my own PB on distance (from 427 to 441). A little improvement but nevertheless proud. Training midweeks goes well, the bigger rides are (strangely enough) the biggest challenge. Sometimes mechanical issues and sometimes physical issues, that happens to everyone.
But: in general its a mind game that is the biggest battle right now.


The mind is the biggest hurdle in ultras! Not that it is worth anything, but my best advice is to just keep going with it. The more you do them, the easier they become.

I follow @Guystapleford and he has faced his own hurdles here.


Sorry to hear that, but nice PB though!

I like the quote “we don’t lose, we learn” :slight_smile:


Oof, sorry to be reading this. Some good advice here though

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