What to do with bike when at gas/petrol station?


Taking inspiration from @UncleDalty on this. I am terrified of stopping and leaving my bike outside a petrol station - what do people do in this situation?


Great question. Something that I wonder about as well.

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I used to carry a cafe lock a lightweight cable lock.
There are also locks that are a bit like big zip ties called hiplok.

I don’t like stopping if I’m on my own really but when I’ve done some 100+ mile solo rides needs must.

I pick somewhere I can lock my bike close and mostly in sight.

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Decide what you want before entering. This is straightforward: liquids and calories. Also carry a small lock, it keeps occasional thieves away. Other trick: swap gears whilst off the bike.

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I can only double up on what @kevstorr wrote. I always have one of these small cable locks in my saddle back and on my home roads, I have some known places where I can get coffee, cake and water and can always see my bike.


Not an easy situation. I am probably one of the luckier ones who lives in an area where it isn’t so much an issue. Agree that knowing what you want is necessary. I’ve dragged my bike inside petrol stations on more than one occasion though!!