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I hope everyone is having amazing summer !! i saw an account on instagram selling classic cycles! i like it sooo much in term of having something unique !!

but i don’t know if its really headache in term of maintenance parts etc etc?

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a lot of people still ride old bikes. There is a whole scene around it. they are easy to work on with some basic skills. Parts are generally available if you have the right contacts. There are lots of groups on Facebook. Is there anything in particular that you fancy?

I have several older bikes but don’t ride them much. The real issue is that if you are used to riding a lot on modern bikes, the older ones just don’t ride that nicely. Everything has improved from saddles, to tyres, to gearing.


I’d say it depends on the “why” Those are definitely premium collectors bikes and your paying for that.

At the moment you are I feel paying a mark-up for anything people want to tag as retro. Events like EROICA - The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest | L'Eroica have played a big part in that.

It depends what you skill levels are and how much use you are thinking the bike would get. As for parts it then depends on how original you want to keep things. I have friends who are readily buying spares as they see them come up ignorer to keep their fleet of retro bikes original.

To this end you could run more current tyres, saddle and bar tape as parts which suffer wear and tear.

If it is more the look you like then an option is a hand built steel frame in a classic colour way with more modern groupset. The gearing on those retro bikes is rather tall and hard work compared with the compact chain sets and wide cassettes we have today.

I have boxes of spares collected over the years to help keep and maintain my older mountain bikes going. I am still gutted I sold some of my old bikes like my Mercian 753 race bike and an AMP research B2 full suspension MTB, along with my Klien Adriot.


Second what @kevstorr says - Eroica is a fun alternative to normal bike events.

Old bikes are fun and easy to maintain (as @Kicikacsa says) - got any pics @Spoow ?

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Nice bike. Nice group set.