Unbroken vTC Soft Launch


Happy to share this with you and get your feedback:



Looks great! Can’t wait to join. What is the go live date?

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Looks great Pav.

when’s to go live and how does it work if transitioning from already having a HumanGo account?

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Probably/hopefully this week. The website will be live in the next day, but we are awaiting on some in-app features for this to be the complete experience.

We can work that out so you don’t pay twice mate, but essentially you cancel your existing subscription and sign-up via UvTC.

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Cool. Hopefully it will be able to keep current data. Just planned in an 41 mile Trail Ultra Marathon running for 3rd March and then a 20 mile road race 17th March.

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This is really cool!

And now the live website: https://unbrokenvtc.com