TT warmup routine

Got myself a portable trainer to warm up pre TT (Feedback Sports Omnium to out myself here).

I was looking for some good warmup routines. Need to get my body temperature up quickly and producing heat. Our TTs are often rather cold (think sub 10C), and waering a skin suit works only during a race without freezing to death.

Suppose there are enough folks around from the weather callanged island of Great Britain with good feedback of what to do there.

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I have a similar comment to your other post. I have maybe only warmed up on a trainer once. They have some rules about where you can use a trainer in the UK as the races tend to start too early and they don’t want to disturb the residents.

So I just developed something based on something I think @pav had. 5 min easy, slow ramp up to and just above race power. Ease up a bit and throw in 2-3 all out 5 second sprints. Time it so you have 5-10 min between the final sprint and start time. Get to the start with 3 minutes to go (with jacket on). Ditch jacket when you get your 1 minute to go timer. And you’re off!

Best of luck

Thanx for the timing suggestions. We here have about the opposite problem. You can use stationary trainers, but warming up on a local road is often just not practical.

And yes, starting off the same idea with @pav’s normal warmup, a ramp plus sprints. Just looking if somebody could add some more feedback, like “sprints don’t work” …

Sprints definitely work for me if I have to go hard. In a Germany training podcast I follow, they had the image of the “lactate sink” meaning that there is lactate (or H2 ions) produced coming in through the tap (Vla), a sink that has a certain capacity and a drain. The theory was that not everything of that works the same all the time and some people need to “flush through” the drain to make it work properly.
If I don’t do the sprints, my legs just hurt and I get no power out.

For Zwift WTRL and ZLR races I’ve a couple of warm-ups I used to use.

First a quick 15min one

  1. Ramp up in 4 steps

  2. 3 min @ 40-50 % of FTP

  3. 4 min @ 50-60 % of FTP

  4. 3 min @ 60-75 % of FTP

  5. 5 min @ 50-70 % of FTP

Then this 25min one.

  1. Warm up5 min @ 40-55 % of FTP

  2. Ramp up in 4 steps

  3. 2 min @ 40-70 % of FTP

  4. 2 min @ 70-80 % of FTP

  5. 2 min @ 80-88 % of FTP

  6. 2 min @ 88-104 % of FTP

  7. Recovery2 min @ 40-60 % of FTP

  8. Repeat 3 times

  9. Surge 7 sec @ 120-200 % of FTP

  10. Easy43 sec @ 50-60 % of FTP

  11. Recovery8 min @ 40-60 % of FTP

Then I also used this one from GP Lama which is similar to the one above.

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Do you use them both or alternate between the two?

I alternate but with the shorter one I will add a couple of sprints as the end before the recovery. I mostly use that one when I’ve less time before a Zwift race, I will jump into the pen and then run through it sometimes I have my timing right so I can just ramp it up to FTP and just over for when the line goes up.

Some great info here. Thanks all

This is really good, thanks

Wanted to check if you’ve made a breakthrough in your warm up routine?

No breakthrou. Just used more or less what Pav was suggesting for a FTP test warmup anyway. Using more sprints at lower power to get warmed up quickly. That however is a consequence of the trainer I use (no regulated power), and the gearing.

Overall using that pre race (TT that is) has been a revelation. A skinsuit with aero base layer works down to 40F, no problems. Actually now I have to think about the threshold where I would sweat. Good problems to have.