Toaster Challenge

Ok, everybody has seen this:

This came up randomly in our engineering meeting at my job. The first reaction was “why not use a battery” ?

So is there a simple way to somehow connect a KICKR to a battery ?

that’s brilliant! wow! The constant effort that is so crazy.

impressive! still, all that effort. the math at the end is a little off. 180 Roberts to power a car. for how long?

He now races on the front of a sprint tandem. I see him at most track competitions. He just walks around the pits with his shorts pulled up really high with long socks on. He’s only about 5 foot tall, the veinest bloke you will ever meet and a complete bell end. :joy:

Hahahaha!! Awesome :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Isn’t he together with Emma Hinze? Looking at the length of her head tube, she is very short too.

Connect a battery to the Kickr to do what?

Power the toaster. Don’t have legs like his, but if the energy is stored in a battery one could easily power the toaster, or other things.

Ahhh, yes. Too bad the energy is wasted in the indoor trainer. (at least this time of the year the heat is very wellcome in my cold pain cave)