The Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice for Endurance Athletes?


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I noticed some pro cyclists doing something dark after the race, and I realized it’s was Tart cherry Juice.

Sorry i forget to add the article of The Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice for Endurance Athletes -

Is there anyone using collagen?

Nope. First I’ve heard of it. Love your title - it’s well frustrating on this app :rofl:

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Yes I have some collagen protein powder. I’ve actually two different types.
Protein Rebel just a small scoop in you morning and evening drink. I also have one from MyProtein I have with casein protein powder most nights pre bed to help with over night repair and recovery.

Collagen is said to be more beneficial to tendons, helps joint pain, bones, digestion and gut. It is also said to help sleep.

the casein is slower to be absorbed so again having it before bed can help overnight repair and also hunger.

LOL :rofl: yeah its drive me crazy!!!

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Thanks for the article. Not only a few pros are drinking cherry juice after the races, it seems that this was adopted by almost all teams and has replaced the small Coke cans we saw until recently.
I have tried it and think it might help a bit with recovery if I look on my Whoop data.

A podcast I found recently called the wild ones recently featured Will Gurling - Ef nutrionist - he said they often give them to team at end of races - apparently it aids recovery - can’t remember why.

I’ve got that one on my watch list for when I’ve a moment