The bad things are so tasty

So as I often do on my day off, I’m wondering a few things. Is there a hierarchy of what is good and bad for you for instance if you had to rate these on a scale of one to 10 how bad they are where would they be? This list is probably my go to stuff when I fall off the wagon!

Diet soda
Crisps - and are some worse than others?
Dairy milk chocolate
Dark chocoalte

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Is the scale 1 being the worst for you and 10 the best? If so, I’ve marked mine above.

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@foreverridingbikes beating me to it with that question on the scale. I’d agree with that answer pretty much.


All things in moderation. You’re only human and should enjoy a treat. Best advice might be to time these treats around your training.

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It is Interesting about the diet soda

Sweeteners mess up the blood sugar and insulin response. Even if they have no calories they cause a response in insulin that is the same as if you had actual sugar, which is not good.

And yet most people think - no calories therefore no problem


Don’t only look at how “good” or “bad” it might be but also how much you like it and if you like it a lot, don’t forbid yourself to eat it. You will most likely eat more of the stuff that might be better but you like not as much and still be unhappy.
If you do it, really make it count.
For example I almost completely stopped drinking alcohol but if I open a beer, it’s a full fat double IPA with 9% and all the taste.


No sure about others here, but my mental level of resistance to bad-for-me-food is 0. Ice cream does exist only in units of 1.42l containers to be consumed in one sitting. Chocolate in my world comes in the 300g Milka packages and … well … Grappa comes in a bottle … you see where this is going.

Looks like for an addictive low self control personality like me, the either-or approach is best. Just don’t eat the crap. That’s why I don’t drink alcohol … the fight against sweets I am mostly in control of. With ice cream … well.

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@miffedoldpizza that sums up my approach too. I can not do moderation so I do focused periods like 10 weeks before an A event and less focused periods.

But holy FS! I thought I was bad with a tub of Haagen Dazs. 1.42l is insane! for me substitute grappa with wine.

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Brand please? :smile:


Sounds still like moderation, you’ve just found a way to game your mentality.

Also interested in the name of the beer please @chris.rides.mtb :slight_smile:

We have this super nice craft beer shop here which alsways has between 700 and 1000 different beers on stock.

I must say I visited it much more often before I started training with you.
Beers that never disappoint are from “Frau Gruber” (Mrs. Gruber) and “Yankee und Kraut”.


This is really interesting to me since I changed my lifestyle in 2018 and lost just over 20kg’s about 3.5 stones.

I learnt more about nutrition, macros and a healthy lifestyle. A Healthy lifestyle is the key element for me been a more holistic approach thinking about both mind and body. I didn’t go with the approach of having a cheat meal once a month for example as to me that doesn’t help the mindset of building a healthy lifestyle. I did for time stop drinking alcohol mostly because I realised I wasn’t actually that bothered about it. There are only certain drinks I really like and so now I might have a glass of red wine once a week or if at a pub and they have real pressed cider I have a pint.

I learnt that we are built to overeat the sweet things in life as these were the foods which were hard to come by. Honey you had to risk raiding a beehive when you found one so you would eat it all as there was no way to keep it. I know that the food scientists found a combination of sweet and fat that awakens/triggers our system to just want more. Food production/manufacturing is now built around this. Then you just have those created ingredient’s that the body just isn’t used to processing.

For me my aim is to “Just Eat Real Food” I look to avoid manufactured/processed foods in the main.

Don’t get me wrong I still fall foul of the biscuit tin, ice cream and chocolate after all The Bad Things are just So Tasty.


Thank you @chris.rides.mtb :slight_smile:

Well said @kevstorr :slight_smile:

Hi @chris.rides.mtb have you come across the Engel Brauerei? It’s my local and wins lots of National and international awards.

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