Surprised by an Early Christmas Present

Well yesterday I was given an early Christmas present. Having had a few failed sessions on the trainer a week or two ago where I just didn’t seem to be able to create the required power. I decided perhaps I needed to do a ramp test, as I had manually drop my FTP in my return to cycling and still doing rehab for my hip. While HumanGo had detected and been increasing this over the time I have been using it I still hadn’t wanted to do a test for fear of it hurting my hip.

My recent thought was it was actually estimated too high and that was why I’d failed the sessions. I certainly didn’t think or feel it was that high given my hip rehab and still not feeling ok to ride outdoors. In part the actual fear of ending up in so much pain having to ride the inclines back to the house rather than the actual riding.

Well yesterday I decided to just to get it done and take the hit.

Shock and I guess horror it came back higher than the estimate by 8watts. I know these things can fluctuate on any given day but it still has given me a mental boost that things are progressing and not as bad as I’ve felt. There is obviously the horror that workouts are going to hurt more now but given how my mental health is and has been in the past this is actually something I really needed.


That is great. I’m happy for you!

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Awesome work @kevstorr :slight_smile:

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What software is this @kevstorr ?

I’ve been using HumanGo @uktester

Great work @kevstorr

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