Supersapiens Review


I’ve noticed that many athletes are using the Supersapiens device to monitor their glucose levels. The question is, do you need to check the sugar level in the blood or in the kidney?

Is it worth to try ?

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I think @Guystapleford tried this.

I know two people neither are athletes. One who is diabetic and the other overweight but trying to loose the weight. Both have these devices and for them the real take away is been actually seeing how different foods actually impact their blood sugar and for them the net result has been to change what and how they eat.

I’m a geek and have been on the fence about getting one to play with myself. My thinking as a training tool to perhaps build habits for sooner on the bike fuelling and eating more on the bike it would be good.

For me I am using Lumen breath gas analyser which is able to tell you whether your body is burning more fats than carbs. So daily measurements but also pre workout and post. It will then suggest based on the info you have said about your planned session whether you should take some carbs pre workout or not and then post whether you’ve burnt through your carb stores or not. It will also suggest amounts of carbs for your diet and also how many grams to add based on your completed workout.
It is interesting to see how metabolically flexible I am however I’m not convinced I would pay for another subscription but perhaps only because it has just confirmed how I eat and fuel is generally good.

Thank you for your replay! i’m geek tooo :nerd_face:

can you tell me more about Lumen breath gas ! i’m very interested! how accurate is it?

The idea is the CO2 concentration of you breath changes depending on whether you are burning more of less carbs. It takes a couple of weeks I think for it to get a base line partly I believe from you saying whether your carb intake has been low, medium or high. Also things like alcohol, mouthwash and toothpaste affect the readings. You take a reading upon waking in the morning with a low HR and also at the end of the day. You can also take other readings through out the day if you want and also pre and post workouts.

Its real aim is to get you to be more metabolically flexible. Able to use both your fat burning power station and carb burning power station to fuel you. You can target performance or weight loss as your goal and it gives some food suggestions and you can also track your food in their app. For me I prefer MyfitnessPal which I have used before when I am tracking my macros which certainly if on an iPhone the Lumen app does pull in the overall macro split from Apple Health but for me it is slow to do this sync.

For me it has just confirmed my general approach to food is good and has me been flexible. I was already doing fasting and its suggestions of normally a 12hr fast to me isn’t a fast as thats just from finishing your dinner until breakfast really. Unless you’re training late in the day and needing to refuel after.