Sunglasses for cycling

My Oakley frames have snapped and are broken beyond repair. Was looking at some new Oakley’s, but thought I’d ask you in the community what you wear?

Oakley Sutro Lite in fluro yellow as a LeMond tribute on the road bike, Sutro on the MTB with prizm trail torch lens.
I had good experience with Rudy Project in the past but their current models are a bit too outa-space for me.

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Oakley zero’s or M-frames. They just sit on my face and I forget about them.

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I use Smith Optics mate. Super high quality without the Oakley price, and you won’t look like everyone else… Soz Oakley wearers…


Take a look at Scicon @pav they provide a lifetime warranty even iro scratched lenses!!

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Nice one!! Thanks for this :slight_smile: