Summer indoor season

Since summer has started here in Kuwait, that means the indoor workout season has begun! This is the opposite of many other countries, where people typically exercise indoors during the winter. What advice do you have for indoor workouts?

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I think this is a really hard question to answer. If you are wanting training advice, there are too many variable that are specific to you - maybe ask @pav for his availability for coaching?

For general tips: good fan, eat and hydrate smart, dual screen (one with Zwift or other and another with Netflix or other). Cover your bike with towels to stop sweat :slight_smile:

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I’d say you need some structure from a plan. Certainly with Zwift riding hard or in the grey zone to often isn’t useful.

It also depends on what your goals are. Getting a plan from Pav or HumanGo ai training platform is another great option.

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The big things for riding indoors that haven’t been covered above.

  1. because you don’t typically move around as much on the bike as you do outdoors, making your position less aggressive can help with comfort. What I work with is reach 10mm shorter and drop from saddle to bars 10mm less. I am sure this originated from the everesting world.
    2)based on 1, don’t forget to get out of the saddle from time to time. I usually aim at a few pedal strokes every 10 minutes or whenever the gradient goes above 5%.
  2. also based on above and the limited ventilation, saddle area hygiene becomes even more important.
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Adding too this also:-

  1. Drink make sure you’ve plenty of drink to keep you well hydrated. Often I hear people just forget to take a bottle with them. Here is where I always make use of my 950ml bottles.
  2. Being able to increase the cooling as you get hot. I’m guessing you probably have air conditioning but you might start cold and then given the lack of air movement over the skin you get hotter quicker and I find sweat more indoors. So if you don’t have a remote to lower the temp as you need another option is some fans on remote switches which one allow you to direct some air over you but also turn them on and off as you need.
  3. Having a stand or table in front or next to you to have your bottle, remote, towel etc etc on can be really useful.
  4. If wearing headphones make sure they are water/sweat resistant.
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Some good infor here. Thank you

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Thank you all for infos! :two_hearts:

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What are your goals?

Sorry my question was not clear , i was asking for tips for indoor cycling , like air condition , hygiene due limited ventilation etc :slight_smile: