Structured Workout for my father (62y,114kg)

Hey Team,
My target is to support my 62y old dad on his journey to jump into fat loss and sports.
Recently we bought him an indoor trainer and he loves to do it. He is using ictrainer as the software and we can import workouts/trainingpeaks etc. to do on his smart trainer.
Sometimes we even do groupworkouts (everyone in his own ftp).
He is really a beginner and starts to ride with higher cadence , ftp is just at 110W at 114kg… but he enjoys it.

Now the question - would you recommend to structure him a trainingsplan? What do you think which plan is best? I found this one which doesn’t sound bad:

We are looking forward to your recommendations!

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Hi Fabian,

@pav Is the best to advise here.

From my own big weight lose journey in 2018 it was built about structure and lifestyle changes. Food was a large part in that and my relationship with it along with resistance workouts. Increase the amount of Protein in your diet is important the older you get along with doing strength work as you age you lose muscle. The other balancing act here is as we get older recovery is even more important and having a plan which gives a good amount of recovery is going to be important.

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Is pav active anymore? He isn’t responding at facebook nor here. May on vacation I guess, but I don’t want to buy a plan blind since also “Plan-Links” in the description are not working anymore… seems like I have to look out for something else? or i wait a bit longer, but such a hybrid plan looks pretty cool

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Yes @pav is very much around not sure if he’s on vacation or not.

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@pav was on vacation this weekend - I believe he is back today.

I do know that the plan links expired, but there is a free training plan guide in each plan which has all the relevant info to make the most of your plan.

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Thanks @uktester & @kevstorr - back at my desk now @Fabs!

Not sure what FB you are messaging, but I don’t have any messages. As @uktester rightly mentions, the plan links are contained in the guide within each plan.

If you purchase a plan with “New!!” in the title, you get email support too.

I might also suggest trying for a more personalised experience :slight_smile:

Feel free to email me if you have further question →


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