Streaming problem

I used to watch all bike races through the GCN app. Since it closed, I don’t have any alternatives. I don’t know if using a VPN will allow me to subscribe to any UK streams,
like Eurosport or Disney."

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I believe some of the cycle races should be getting streamed via Discovery channel app but I haven’t been able to find a clear answer on what and how many. Likewise with Eurosport plus the reason I gave up with Eurosport years ago was programs were never shown at the time they said they would be.

In theory yes a VPN and selecting the country required should let you watch content not available in your region but in another. I used to do this a lot for watching US streams for other programs but these days I don’t bother so much. Also with some subscriptions I think Amazon Prime, Netflix you get to watch shows able in different regions as it didn’t matter what your country of residence was and where you’d subscribed you would only be given the content for your current location for the device. I have heard that some apps don’t only use your internet connection location but also the device GPS data, so if watching on a phone this can be a problem.

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Following this as I have a similar problem. I have found the VPN won’'t work if you have an app installed on your phone (as the app knows where you are).

It was a sad day in my life when Sky Sports figured this out…

I have never found VPNs reliable and this has only got worse over time.

Agree with @Kicikacsa and @uktester. Platforms and services have had to figure out ways to stop this. There are options for this, but can be highly questionable and very much illegal. So will depend on your risk tolerance and where you live.

Yeah, my brother has some sort of weird illegal streaming thingy in the UK. In fact he has two as they have to rotate because they always get shut down. Highly unlikely you ever get caught yourself.

Thanks all! legally i have no problem where i live “Kuwait” but yes all those streaming channel they know thats i’m using vpn :expressionless:

In theory at least on an iPhone apps shouldn’t be able to read your location data from the gps unless you’ve given the app permission and you can change this in Location Services which is in Privacy and Security.

Also making sure cell service is turned off so your only connection will be via vpn to WiFi. Where it might fall down is if you needing your cell connection to get to the internet but again apps shouldn’t in theory get to know your location without asking. So might cache previous location info.
The other option is watching via a website rather than a branded app. Perhaps using just one like Firefox or Edge just for that to try and stop it picking up location data from internet connections when not on vpn.

Thank you @kevstorr , discovery+ works fine with VPN (Y)

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Awesome suggestion. Will be trying this.