Strava Premium: yes or no

Looking for more reasons to sign up for Strava subscription that the routes. I’m not much into the leader boards anymore (what’s the point - it seems like this is oversaturated with cheating and/or group rides and/or so on).

It’s not a lot of money, but all these subscriptions add uip.

Are you a Strava subscriber and why?


Actually a great question for thew audience, thank you.

For me, it’s a no. I have also thought about the route planning, but completely agree re the leaderboards and the subscriptions adding up.

I am also a no. Where I live I can still play in the top reaches of the leader boards but it is yet another subscription for analytics and route planning that I can get through garmin or training peaks or even golden cheetah.

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I’m a Yes.

Mainly for the route planning and heat maps. I also have Garmin and use that for route planning but often I find Strava better. I’ve also used numerous other route mapping sites and apps like Komoot, Ride with GPS and OSMaps to name just 3 more. TBF Garmin has improved a lot more recently and I do like some of its automatic route creation options. Both need to improve their iOS route editing as here you still need the Web browser really.

Other plus for Strava premium is you now get access to some basic bike insurance and the Recover app which gives some warm-up, cool down recovery routines along with some short mobility work. It also can create some custom recovery programs depending on what you want. Covers both running and cycling and is a nice option to mix things up a bit with new things.

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The only reason I keep it tbh is for the ability to download other people’s rides without having to ask them

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I’m also a yes for pretty much the same reasons than @kevstorr The “give me a 50k route based on where others ride” works really well and I discovered great quitet roads nearby. The price is steep and the app is crap at some points but it’s still the best I have found.

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For route planning I’ve moved on to Linkmyride

It seems to pull from Strava, MapMyRide and kamoot.

Tell it where you are setting off from, the distance the type of ride (road / gravel / MTB) and it’ll churn out 10 options. All the routes I’ve done have been amazing and the gravel stuff near me is a revelation. It may only be very UK biased at present but it’s my fave by far. (I use Strava to stalk my ex Triathlon buddies and to show them how my cycling has gone through the roof thanks to Pav!)


Never heard of that one. Thanks, will check out

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Love that our community can have a discussion, disagree on certain points, and still be civil! I remember posting that I was ditching Strava when they first announced the premium version and got screamed at - I guess that is FB though :rofl:

Good shout on that. Will also be checking that out.

Also. Where you been??

Is that to repeat their route or for major stalks… :joy: :joy:

I have link my ride but don’t use it because there are only 3 other users in a 50km radius (rural southern Germany)

What’s wrong with both :yum:

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@DrewyWhite That sounds interesting, I’ll take a look. I mainly use RideWithGPS for route planning. I have tried as well, but that a very interesting take on what constituted an appropriate route for a gravel ride. I tend to try to avoid military shooting ranges as a rule!!

Sarah one of the founders lives in OX and therefore there’s loads of good stuff. You can use it two ways:

  1. join an existing ride 2) create your own route
    It shows up other local cyclists - for routes I always use it now

Yes I do that as well. Great sometimes for finding other routes.

Yes I’d forgotten about that one which is Tom Pidcocks app. I’ve got that one as well but not too many riders near me but I was one of the first on it last year so will need to take another look.

Hahah! That’s quite cool, though. Presumably you use this as gpu for directions in your device? I didn’t realise how easy that would be.

Ha. Interesting. I’m a no, but might be a yes now…