So who are you all?

It’s great that Pav continues this idea of collective Lycra legends - I know he hates Facebook.

The one thing I do find frustrating is I don’t know who you all are from your forum names - I mean Kev is pretty obvious. But the others… are you guys and gals I know or are you complete strangers? I’m not digging for personal info - just genuinely curious.

So if you’re willing why not post underneath with who you are - maybe with a link to your fb account and even better your strava - who doesn’t like a good follow?

If not please don’t be offended I asked. I won’t be offended you didn’t want to. Cheers all ! Stay safe and happy trails - see you up the road!

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Yes I’m me last time I looked in the mirror.

I’m actually Deb Lynch. “Eldred” is a family name. I’m on Maui and Pav is training me for the Cycle to the Sun race here June 22nd. (For me it’s not a race, but just to finish it is a win).


I am actually Julian Ormandy. Kicikacsa means little duck in Hungarian. It’s a hangover from me learning Hungarian for a girl many years ago. Here is my Strava profile although I don’t actually post everything there.


I’m Beth. Same comment as @kevstorr :wink:

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