Sick before event

Hoping for some advice here please

I am into the taper before my main event of the year this weekend. I woke up today feeling really unwell. Poor night sleep and definitely on the verge of getting sick. Should I continue with the taper or just rest? Also, if it turns out to be something serious, is it worth me doing the event?

Mate I’d rest up, minimal effort to try and allow your body to recover. All the work is done, so you will probably benefit from the rest, you won’t loose fitness in your taper. The very idea is to allow your body time to freshen up.

I guess regarding doing the event, depending what else you have planned afterwards. If it’s your last event of the season I’d probably have a go but reset my expectations for the event. But if you have more coming up I’d give it a miss if your not 100%.

That’s just my thoughts mate, Pav might have a more educated opinion on it……
rest up and all the best.



I second that. Rest up. Fitness is built on health, so you’ve got to look after your health first. Might be worth taking some zinc, high Vit C and some vit A to help boost the immune system to give you the best opportunity of fighting it off quickly. Also eat loads of different veggies


Very sorry to hear that!! Echo the rest of the advice here and rest up. Give your body the best chance by flooding it with healthy food, hydrate well, rest and relax and sleep. Feel better soon and let us know how you get on!


Agree with the responses here. No point in training or tapering while sick. Just do what you can to feel as best as poss for race day.

As per what Steve says, if it’s your last race you may as well go for it (barring being really unwell) - as you can recover after. If you have more events, probably wise to skip and focus on being ready for the next ones.

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The immune system uses a wide variety of nutrients, and needs a lot of energy. Given this energy demand, training when one is sick ‘steals’ the energy needed to fight the illness which can then prolong the illness or lead to secondary complications. Rest is the way to go.


Very good advice - you’re the man to listen to about this too!

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Thanks everyone! I took your advice and rested while giving my body the best chance of recovering with the usual bits.

I felt well enough to attempt the ride Sunday and, while it wasn’t my best performance, it certainly was better than not doing it.

Thanks for your advice.