Savoury Snacks on the Bike


I’m looking for ideas for savoury snacks to eat on the bike. So they need to be high carb and easy to pack, carry and eat. Most things I’ve looked at are ok, but I’d need to carry a larger quantity meaning it’s not so practical. I just need a change from the constant sweetness!

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Where are you in the world?

I know powerbar used to do something. Nak’d is pretty good too:

I think those options contain nuts, so not if you have an allergy :wink:

I have been getting these but not sure you can get them in the UK. They aren’t super savoury, but they aren’t super sweet. Not tried them on a ride yet though, more just a snack.

I’m in UK. We do get those here I think. I’ll take a look in the supermarket. Thank you.

Doesn’t look they’re available in the UK. But some of them look similar to some of the Kind bars. They do a dark chocolate and sea salt one which is, at least, less sweet.

I found the Styrkr powder for drinks incredibly helpful. Its not sweet at all but somehow has a “taste” I cannot define. Bars taste good as well.

Other brands to recommend are SIS (beta series) and Maurten.

This is a tough one. Are you looking for bars or more small packets of things like pretzels? Pretzels is where my mind goes for this, but I could be misunderstanding :slight_smile:

Some great ideas. Thank you. I use SIS Beta Fuel at the moment and that’s what I’m finding very sweet. I’ll definitely take a look at the links you’ve sent.

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Thanks @JustInTime. No, you haven’t misunderstood at all. Pretzels are definitely worth a look.

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Pretzels are a good idea - will try them too!

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@SarahL sorry only just seeing this post. I’d suggest checking out Allen Lim’s rice cakes. Feed Zone portables book and also some recipes online. I much prefer making my own snacks as you can play around more with the flavours. Using oats or granola for making bars etc but using rice means you can go with more savoury flavours adding for example bacon if you like it.


That looks really interesting. Thank you for the link.

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Nice one. Thank you so much for this share

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Here is another rice cake option.

Parmesan and black pepper.

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Oooo. Parmesan and black pepper sounds fab. Thank you so much for the link.

Here is another good resource to read on Rice Cakes. Been checking my saved resources. Avocado & Eggs for example for those low intensity long rides.