Runner's (Cyclist's) High

I’ll post this here because I guess the Ultra people will have most experience with that.
During training, very rarely, I get in that state that is described as “Runner’s High” in literature. It happens in a few seconds and the “symptoms” are pain completely disappearing, euphoria, slightly high HR and shivers down the spine. I have not figured out the “ingredients” completely but repeated efforts at a little under threshold and high cadence are a good bet and the rights “trigger” songs on the playlist also help. It is however (at least for me) different form the “flow” you get after hours of low intensity riding where the mind goes blank and you are completely one with the sourrounding.
I’m curious if somebody has experienced the same and if there is a way how you can trigger that at will.

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equally (or more important) lets chat about the inevitable DEPRESSION that comes from NOT riding the bike!

… lets just say…“its been an unpleasant winter here in socal”


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Don’t get me started. I have not seen the sun for weeks recently. Only dull and grey. Does not help when there is also rain on Zwift.


The forecast for next Saturday here in Colorado implies that there might not be a random snow storm midweek. So perfect to get over the depressions into the “high zone”.

The question is now, given that the master plan calls for 6 hours of Z2, how many hours can I get away outdoors without getting into too much trouble by either coach or wife …


Similar questions arising here. A week of storm and rain is predicted. At least racing is on and I have something to watch as a distraction on the indoor trainer, however I have to test the new bike fit, gears and shoes outside at some point. Flanders is approaching quickliy.


Tell me about it. All I can even manage at the moment is 30-60mins easy on the turbo before my hip starts to hurt and loose stability. Been 12 months since I hurt the SI joint.

I am just glad I found I was able to run.

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I don’t know but I often find moments when I feel at one with the moment or environment. Usually only when trail running or in the past when out on the mountain bike.

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…we are currently graced with 4-5 days of cold (45-47°) sunny dry mornings for riding…but another atmospheric river blasting thru friday into next week … im really over this wetness…riding in the cold no problem, but wet is a bummer…sadly i cannot get my head into trainer or swift sessions.

major factor of why i ride bikes is not for training, racing, or events (although i do train with pav specifically for my euro cycling adventures)…but to be outdoors with others.

thankfully the monuments and classics are on, to keep the inspirational pump primed

soon it will be spring and the warmth of summer where I can really get my daily cycling endorphin hit…till then ill grab what naturally produced chemicals on the bike that i can, when i can.

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