Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

Here‘s a really interesting article. Does anyone have experience of this kind of thing?

I’m trying to loose some weight at the moment and I’ll keep a close eye on that.

This is something I am very aware of.

As they mention in the article the whole low carb being something to be watching.

I often say “Don’t diet on the bike” and “Fuel the work”

I have also felt for a while that men are just as likely if not more likely to suffer from RED-S given often this drive for low body fat so the abs are visible. Just again last week on YouTube a video popped up with someone saying how he went from x to x and got lean. I’ve got my 11yr old daughter talking about wanting a six pack, she’s 11 and this really shouldn’t be something she is talking about.

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@kevstorr I immediately thought of your philosophy on fuelling.

Like you my kids have mentioned body image even though my youngest is 7. He tells me “look dad, I have a six pack!”.

Additionally, my father 83 is fasting (6 days a week) and HIIT’ing to avoid diabetes. I forwarded this article to my GP sister because he is definitely displaying some of these symptoms.

@Kicikacsa that to me doesn’t sound good for your father. Has he got diabetes or is he just worried he will get it? For someone of his years I’d have thought and said a better approach would be a more balance real food based diet. Having the main meal at lunch and then a lighter dinner to keep those blood sugars balanced. Equally increasing the protein to help maintain the muscle but then balancing the carbs and good fats for the remainder.

The protein has been a battle I’ve been having with my father since his cancer and now having had his stoma removed. Thankfully I have now got him on a higher protein natural yogurt and he has admitted feeling better. Can’t undo the muscle lose due to the chemo and about two years of forced reduced activity but even given that the Dr’s where surprised by his sprightliness going up stairs when he was getting discharged. Not in his 80’s yet but 77 in December.

Great info to share - too many people think that training low is still a smart way to train.


Thank you for sharing this,. Resonates!

Great share @Kicikacsa - I’ve already shared this with some of my clients!