Rapha bib shorts

Hi all,
not really technical but maybe the best fit for the topic.
Rapha has bib shorts on sale at the moment and I am looking into buying on. Unfortunately, the don’t have pictures of their chamois on the website. I’m pretty sure some of you lot has a Rapha bib an can post a picture of the chamois for me. (I have noticed that I can pretty much tell if a chamois works for me from the shape)

This may not be relevant to you but Castelli also has a sale on. I just got a couple of pairs of the Aero4 bibs and they are fantastic. Just had a test run of 2 hours on Zwift with 0 issues. Best chamois I have tried to date and I have been riding since the chamois was actually real. :laughing:

I have tried Castelli serveral times but their sizing is so Italian :smiley:
They started to be tight at the calves and no chance to get them over my
fat legs.

Ya, it is common to have to go 2 sizes up in Castelli!

Interestingly, it far less off with jackets and gloves are perfectly normal sizing.

Agreed. Gloves relatively normal and jackets only a bit small. Have not tried the Gabba though.

Not tried rapha - I like Pactimo though.

Second for Pactimo - never pay full price, they have so many sales!

Never tried Rapha bibs always seem really pricy. Other than my club ones I find Le Col have been great for me and they often have deals on.

Literally this for me!! Got a text from them yesterday about their never ending sale :rofl:

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Today, my Le Col shorts arrived. I got a really good discount with a Strava challenge code. Also finally got aero socks.

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That’s really cool. I’ve never really got into Strava challenges. Maybe I will look.

Defiantly good for some clothing discounts that come up. Le Col seem to be doing them all the time.

I can now report that the LeCol bibshorts are pretty good but still not as good as my gold standard MAAP. (why do I always attact the expensive stuff?). The aero socks are great and usable on my sprinter calves.

Got a pair from Amazon the other day for abbot $40 - they are not bad, but not for long rides. The fit is fantastic, but a bit too padded for me.

Which Le Col did you get @chris.rides.mtb ? I know they do various levels.

That is a cheap set of bibs @pav!

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This model https://lecol.cc/de-de/products/pro-lightweight-bib-shorts?variant=39347281231935 I needed something for the really hot days.

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