Pure sport CBD Balm


Is there anyone using “1000mg CBD Muscle & Joint Balm | CBD Oil | Puresport” for recovery ?

I haven’t myself, but hear similar brands are supposed to be good.

Yeah I’ve used it, along with their CBD oil’s as well. They are currently, as far as I know, the only brand that has their CBD batch tested for athletes on the world anti-doping program, which is how I came across it. However I found the rub and oil did nothing for me, so I stopped using it as it was really expensive. The rub is really nice, smells amazing but I’m not convinced to the whole CBD thing if I’m honest. It does last well. But give it a go, you might find it amazing…

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Actually agree with @stevebatembe here - seems like a bit of a fad.

I’ve tried similar products and I’m not convince myself as to how much is actually the placebo effect.

Also my partner has arthritis in both knees so is on a big mix of pain relief for that. She has tried CBD products most seem to do very little. The best she has found for pain relief have been some Hemp oil Heat Patches but again different manufacturers see very different results.

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Agreed with you on this