Nose block experience

I’ve been experiencing a blocked nose after cycling! The weather here in Kuwait is very hot. I’ve read on the internet that it could be rhinitis. Has anyone experienced something like that? What should I do?

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I suffer with rhinitis as apposed to hay fever as it is year round for me where dust and other things trigger the allergic reaction.

For me I generally find while exercising it triggers a very congested/runny nose and I have to constantly clear it to be able to nasal breath. Post exercise I would generally say I’m less congested but this returns to the normal after a short time (never really ever tracked this).

For me I regularly do nasal flushes to help clear any allergens from the nasal passages. I do also when it is worse use antihistamines, usually the summer months which I believe is due to more things being suspended in the air as opposed to the wet/damp winter.


Without meaning to sound rude, maybe you should consult a doctor? :slight_smile:

This sounds irritating. Hope you get it sorted

Have you had any luck rectifying this yet?

It looks like it’s temporary. It should go away after the weekend.