Mark Beaumont's NC500!

What the heck!!

I just saw the data on Mark’s NC500 world record ride - that is insane.

@pav - any chance we can do a Q&A with him?

Would anyone else be interested in that? Maybe if enough of us are we can convince him :joy:


I saw the data too. I would love a Q&A. First question - how do you set a new ftp on a 500 mile ride?

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Haha!! I’m sure I can arrange this, let’s use this topic to compile some questions for him and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Would love that!

One item that I noticed is that his L/R power balance appeared to be off. Wondered if that is a technical hiccup or not.

Clearly would also appreciate the opportunity to learn from him about pacing, mindset, etc.

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I’d absolutely love that. I would be interested if he was always the type of rider who smashes his FTP PB during a multiple hour ride or if he got there by training. This is so far outside of my own experiences. I’d more likely get my FTP PB from VO2max intervals than during a long ride.

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Also interested in the power balance, but maybe some info on the bike setup and training.

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Huge congrats to Mark and his crew as well as Pav for all the work that went into this effort. I’d be interested in hearing about nutrition strategy and fueling, especially given the very high intensity of the effort.


I’d be interested in his opinion on balancing marriage, training, work and family for such big events.


This is an excellent point. How does he manage to do all the training now he’s also got a business and family?