Keeping body core temperature down

I hear more and more about performance being related to core body temperature. As your core temperature goes up, your performance is throttled by the body. There are a lot of anecdotes about downing slushy drinks before TT‘s or track events. Has anyone tried this? How do you make slushies at home without a slushy maker? And many other questions.

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Very interested in this thread. I know @pav has done a lot of work on this for his own training and for his clients who ride in heat.

I know when I am trail running in the summer I will wear a snood band around my wrist and when I can plunge it in water of a stream or cattle trough. Wetting my hat as well and I also have some neck scarfs which use a gel in them to hold water and help keep you feeling cool. I’ve worn these cycling as well.

Then I’ve taken a semi frozen water bottle with me as well as a standard one so the cold one will melt while I ride and I can also use it to help cool me before I can drink it.

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This reminds me of the coffin filled with ice that the runners of Badwater sometimes use!

Think I saw @pav testing out some arm warmers you could soak in water once?

Yeah, they weren’t amazing. They dried out quite fast and got smelly real quick.

Never tested them in a very hot environment though.

My go-to heat management tools:

  1. Arm coolers: I pour cold water on them during rides to keep cool.
  2. Ice packs I use the ice packs you can buy at your local pharmacy that activate with a shake and then squeeze.i place them under my jersey over my heart, back of jersey behind neck and under arm coolers by wrists. Ice packs on head if helmet adjustable enough.
  3. Use tennis-style wrist sweatbands to put ice cubes under or keep ice packs in place.
    4 neck bands are available that react to being doused in water that cool you well.
  4. Some speed suits come with built in pockets to store reusable icepacks. Good for shorter rides otherwise you eventually end ip carrying dead weight.



Great advice mate! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks @WattsUp that‘s very helpful