January centuries

Just checking in who is aiming for a century a month for the WUCA challenge?

After a failed plan last week because of sickness, I bagged my ton today. Sadly it was on zwift due to family logistics but still a great training ride.

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Is this the same thing as what @pav has been saying about Unbroken?

Either way, no :rofl:

Well done!! Not sure I will get one done this month :frowning:

Fabulous well done. I did 12 imperial century+ rides in 2019, including doing 4 in May to catch up having not thought about doing it at the start of the year.

I’d be happy getting back to 50-60mile Sunday ride but things are improving.

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Did you get injured or something?

Got mine done at the weekend :slight_smile:

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We will likely have a catch up in Unbroken. Also, could easily make a running specific one too :slight_smile:

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Yes injured my SI joint(left hip) which I’m still rehabbing but getting there just slow progress.

That has been something thats been running through my head on what would be the equivalent. I’ve seen talk about a 1-3 ratio 1 mile cycling been like 3 miles running but I’ve also seen said that a marathon is harder than cycling 100 miles.

For me at least at the moment knocking out a 10mile run is no different to cycling 25/30 miles. Doing one or two runs of that distance each week.

A marathon is definitely harder than a century. I think you just pick something challenging. Take a 15 mile or 20 mile or 25 mile or whatever.

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I used to hear people say that a century was the equivalent of a marathon. But then I did both and can confirm that running is harder!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: this is the truth!!!

Happy for you to suggest something and we can adopt in UvTC mate

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