How many days off do you have?

Saw @pav post this blog today. Very interesting topic as I give myself such a hard time when I take an extra day off (unplanned). Anyone else beat themselves up when they take a day off?

I have 1 day a week off scheduled in my plan by Pav. I very occasionally have an extra day if I am not feeling good but very rarely. It messes with my head if I can’t train.

I am very much a box-ticker myself and hate it when I can’t do my training as planed but we have to look at the plan as what it is - a plan that was made for the case that everything goes as planed. But this is often not the case, life stress might as well get in the way as a little infection that hampers recovery.
I use a Whoop and this makes the decission to hold back easier for me because it seems more like a informed decission based on numbers than a feeling that I might interpret as my own weakness.

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Great way of looking at it Chris.

Unfortunately, I am on medication that messes with my HRV and reduces it whilst raising my resting HR. I have seen this over the past few weeks trying to come off the medication - HR down, HRV up. Ultimately going back on it - HR up and HRV down. C’est la vie but it does limit the use of these HRV based tools.

There is one off day on my weekly plan. Every time I need to take an extra day off, or fail a workout (which is usually because of too many other things going on, or picking up yet another bug) feels like a failure, and I do hate failure, almost as much as I hate losing. So, really a big mental problem for me.

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I generally have one rest day planned for the week. However this can also sometimes still include some mobility work or a core day but I limit it to 15-30mins max.

I used to have Monday’s as a rest day but I found I could never fully hit Tuesdays training goals. Or they just felt extremely hard. I have found after a big ride or run on Sunday I am better if I have an easy run/ride on Monday and then my training session on Tuesday or in the past perhaps the ZRL race.

I now plan my rest day as a Friday but as I mentioned I might do a short core workout or mobility work. This is also what I see as family night.

However yes if plans get messed up I can get a little tetchy. Getting home too late from work or last minute changes meaning I can’t get out. For example Easter weekend just we ended up going away to my sisters for 4 days which would mean 4 missed workout days. However I did still squeeze in some core work and I’d thrown some running shoes and some kit in for the just in case. As things went I did manage to get out for a 5.5mile run.

For me a lot of it is mental as I need to get outside for my mental health and while I can be very kind to myself on having to miss a session for what ever reason and for me family does come first I also know that I might not actually be my best for them if I don’t aim to keep things ticking over.

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Some really interesting perspectives here. It doesn’t bother me too much if I miss a workout, I just move on to the next a not give myself shit for it.

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This pretty much sums me as well. I’m just human and I have a job and a family to think about too. As long as it’s not me making excuses for being lazy I’m good


Some really interesting perspectives here. Thanks!

Well said on this! Nice to see

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