How do you take it? (coffee thread)

im a bit of a coffee drinker…here is the house coffee setup (house under construction)

5lbs of Sur Coffee, whole bean, ground fresh daily … pour over with a Hario Switch dripper…yum!

what is your coffee setup?


That looks great! I don’t have anything as fancy as that. Does it take long to get the put over right?

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thanks beth, making/playing with coffee is fun.

there are gobs of how to coffee vids on youtube…some i prefer over others…i like james hoffmans channel…here he goes down the wabbit hole with the hario switch

i like how he fiddles with different hario papers here…

I used the chemex pourover setup for many years… It makes excellent coffee for sure

with the hario switch immersion method, I don’t have to stand and babysit 3 pours, I can simply dump all the water into the brew vessel and release it after 2:30sec … so it’s a little less fussy that way

how to get the pour over right??

Getting the grind, pour over, taste profile “right” is very subjective yes? its all about taste, which is subjective and persinalized…ultimately my audience, judge, jury and executioner is how that daily cup shows up in my wife’s hand at 7:30am every morning!

a bit of trial-and-error to get “the taste”… Or not…as not all beans are created equal!

Just last month I was having problem sourcing beans from my regular roaster … so I ordered from another roaster in Colorado, “Sweet Bloom” (where we had tasty success last year) got 5 pounds from them in dec, it showed up and it was stale…played with it for a week, could not get what i wanted in flavor so i binned the five pounds…rarely does that happen, but it did…last week i got my prefered roaster (Sur Coffee) sorted so life is good again…it was a rough dec/jan in our home for coffee!

my process is thus…

i start with a basic 16:1 ratio, water to coffee. i fiddle with emersion brew timing and tweek the grind according to flavor.

Coffee at this level is basic chemistry … water temperature, contact time, grind size, quality of product, etcetera.

Also the flavor changes as humidity and temperature changes, daily sometimes!!!

coffee for me is a constantly changing and evolving process, keeps me engaged…
not to say that a cup is horribly bad from yesterdays cup, but sometimes there may be subtle changes in flavor with freshly roasted, freshly ground, measured, hand poured coffee…hell…It will taste different two weeks from when i picked up the roast as well…oxidation of oils, exposure to light, air…natural products go stale!

not to complicate things too much…simply start with a quality fresh roast from a good local roaster, push the beans thru a good grinder and explore different brew systems…enjoy the journey of discovery!!!


Love all of this! I just wish I had the patience. I have one of those super-automatic machines. Really worth it if you drink a lot of coffee - far cheaper than S’Bux!

Way complicated … Fall out of bed, drag the half dead body over to the espresso machine, push a button and have the black gold ready.

Ok, I admit, the beans are imported from Italy …

Haha!! I am a super-auto machine guy too :slight_smile:

Here is my set up. Basic nespresso machine and LOTS of casules.


God I love coffee :heart:


@DavePhilipp … oh my!!! thats a beautiful setup (and coffee!) … so tasty looking!! :heart::heart::heart:

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NICE!! That is a quality setup!!

This is all incredible. Puts my kettle and pot of instant coffee to shame :smile:

The organisation of this makes it look stunning - well done!


Woah!! this is a beautiful machine :heart_eyes:

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…60th birthday coming up end of june…yesterday zewife sez

“…honey…i want a really good espresso machine for your birthday…uhhhh…i mean i want YOU to have a really good machine for your birthday…”

cross chit chat ensued over cortados at the beach…and down the wabbit hole i go…

those of you who drink n ride…

what (espresso) machine are you riding?

do you like it?

would you change?


I have a Phillips 3200 but I would love something like that Terry!!


nice!!! then lets have “Coffee in Paradise!” soon!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

probably wait till building/remodel is done to get one, i dont want it covered in construction dust!


I just use a pod machine or French press.

However, I really want a bean 2 cup machine. Don’t drink milky coffees although I guess I might have to have one which works for the better half.

Anyone got any suggestions?


What is a “not cup machine”?

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Flipping auto correct should have said “bean to cup” lol


hey kev…machines!!!

what a subject!

like most things…what is your level of commitment and passion?..from there we move to “budget”…like bicycles…the word “budget”…is an oxymoron!!!

Are you wanting mostly espresso?

are you a fanatical about the pursuits of the marginal gains for better tasting espresso?

what’s your commitment to making espresso?

From there we can work with costing