How do take care of you accessories


How do you clean your (helmet , sunglass , shoes , heart rate strap)? i’ve heard someone said he soak them in water overnight ?

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I take of and clean the pads from time to time. If the straps are salty or the helmet is dirty, I wash it under the shower.

I just rinse them under flowing water and dry them

heart rate strap:
I wash it with soap after every ride.

I clean them with a brush and this foam spray and a soft brush from time to time

(MTB shoes with a less soft brush)

The soaking might be interesting for shoes if they are really dirty. The rest should be ok without.

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Some excellent advice here! Do you ever get connectivity issues with your HRM? I thought the strap (contact points with skin) wears too much if you always wash it?

I remember coming back to visit my family years after leaving the UK and my mum telling me she ‘cleaned’ the race sticker off my Bontrager TT helmet. By that she meant she also took a ton of the finish off too :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I don’t think so. I got 5-ish years out of my last HR belt and find that acceptable.

My last 4 HR belts have each lasted less than 1 year. Justin ordered another one last night.

That’s not long. What brand was it? I am using Polar. Maybe it also has something to do with the sweat. I sweat a lot when it is hot but not very salty.

I switched from Garmin when I started using zwift because my garmin didn’t have bluetooth. Then 3 x wahoo and 1 x sigma. They just start giving out data that makes no sense and then die completely. There is a seperate thread on this topic from last Fall.

My Wahoo HRM strap didn’t last long got a third part strap on it now which is seeming better.
Before that my Garmin and cheap coo sport ones lasted a lot better.
I rinse off the strap in the shower post exercise.

Helmet pads a light hand wash and helmet as wash with soft brush.

Shoes get hosed down etc usually while washing the bike of post ride. Also have a Bootbuddy to wash shoes if required before getting into the car post ride.