How decision fatigue is ruining your cycling performance

This blog dropped Sept 1st:

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For me, this is a really crucial one and, once I started to implement some of tips in here, I really noticed how more fluid my day was.


I thought this was excellent. Some great tips that I look forward to implementing. Thanks Pav.


An imteresting aspect of decision fatigue that I realized a few years back was how sometimes the thought process of planning for a ride can become overwhelming. I was chatting with my wife (also a former racer) about how we used to be able to go from the thought of riding to actually riding in minutes when it was part of a regular training routine. Whereas, now, it is very easy to get bogged down in the preparation…finding kit, finding tubes, tools, etc, filling bottles after first finding bottles, realizing you might need food, findimg food, pumping tires, lubing chain, forgetting that the last time you rode that you were going to adjust your saddle, oh ya, and your right cleat…hey there is a new GCN episode, I’ll leave right after that, but now it’s raining. Where is my rain jacket?
The reality is that even all of those delays are still only a few minutes and not nearly as overwhelming as they can become in your head. I still have a big problem with this but am creating little strategies to help re-establish the ride as routine.


I agree with you completely, Colin! Crazy how easily I can be distracted or procrastinate myself into having to shorten a ride.

Thanks, Pav, for the tips - I look forward to trying some of these out.