Heart Rate monitor


I used a TICKR X, which has stopped working. So, I bought a new Wahoo TICKR (not the X version), but after one week of use, the battery cover broke, and I can’t find a replacement cover.

What heart rate monitor are you using?

Garmin. I tried wahoo for a while but got through 3 belts in 2 year. Then a sigma sports on lasted about a year. Garmin going strong after 18 months.

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I’m between Garmin or Polar

If you want another option, I highly recommend the Polar OH1 optical sensors. I wear one on my bicep which is far less hassle than strapping a monitor across your chest and accuracy is great. Been using one for the last few years and never had any reliability issues.

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Garmin for me too, but they don’t make them like they used to!

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My Tickr X started playing up on me. I also had a Coosport cheap amazon HR and thats been great. However I have in the end when a deal came up got the Polar H10.

I much prefer the strap on the H10.

Garmin user here! Never had any issues

Another garmin user here