Gloves. Frozen Fingers. Pain

Not a simple question it seems.

Problem is this. Suppose I do a decent climb where the top is around freezing. It seems that if I put down enough power, I’ll heat up enough that a short finger glove will work. The problem is downhill. My fingers freeze and can barely move anymore (could also be a padding issue, and me doing the death grip for the rim brakes). On the Haute Route Dolomites I solved this problem by using full on winter gloves (think about skiing gloves), which of course has the downside taking up an insane amount in your jersey pockets.

So what I am looking for is a pair of gloves, that keep my fingers warm enough around freezing, avoid numbness as much as possible, but do not need to be water proof (which is where full on winter gloves go over board). And of course the smallest space requirement in the jersey pockets.

The glove that comes closet to what I am looking for were the LeCol “Pro Lightweight Glove” … But they are not warm enough …


Best I have found is the glove system from Dissent133. While they don’t have a padded mitt or glove for me I don’t like padded gloves due to the lack of feel. Also in my mind with the right tape and fit you shouldn’t be holding too much weight on your hands. I will often carry the more windproof over glove or woollen glove for either early on in a ride until the temp raises or like you say to add later in the ride on a descent the windproof glove for me is a good option as it should be wind chill. Might be seen as expensive but remember you are buying 3 or 4 separate gloves which can be combined in different configurations so actually you are getting say 10 pairs of gloves for that price.

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This looks good. Thanks for sharing.

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