Gel suggestions

Does anyone have any ‘other’ suggestions for gels asides from the big normal brands (SiS, Clio, Mule, and so on)? There seems to be loads more options now, but it is really hard to understand which are good and which are not. Keen to see if anyone has a gel they really like that may go under the radar. Also would be great if they were available somewhere individually - hate to end up buying a box only for my gut to not like them :rofl:

While I tend not to use gels preferring real food or home made options. I do use sometimes the SIS ones.

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Where are you in the world @cyclingislife ?
I hate the SIS ones.
My preferred ones are Torq which are a uk brand. If you’re Stateside I don’t know if you can get them. The flavours are lovely!
Also worth checking out Precision Hydration’s gels which I think you should find in the US

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I have got on very well with the Wiggle ones in the past. Etixx ones are also pretty good and come in some interesting flavours.

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My favourites are the little Enervit and MON Sports. For some reason these little Enervits can shoot me through the roof, it’s as if I get a new set of legs sometimes. They also rip open on the first try, something that is not true for all gels. I hate stopping just because some gel or bar wrapper doesn’t want to open.

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UK @abd

Thanks everyone- will try these out

OTE. Stateside order via wiggle.

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Active root are another gel I have tried recently which I liked. You mix it and have a reusable flask.

Ok for you ultra nutters here is what I use - basically home made beta gel

Per hour mixed with water

60g maltodextrin
30g fructose
0,6g of salt (regular)
0.2g of potasium chloride

The last two are optional

So what I do is make up a whole bottle with as many hours riding I’m planning- so an eight hour ride would be 8x the above - all in one bottle - so you essentially have a bottle of what I call better beta fuel - mixed with water

Tips I’ve learned the hard and messy way

Mix the ingredients using a blender in a bowl rather than trying to spoon it into a bottle.

Get as big a bottle as you can so you can add enough water and make sure it has a big outlet so it doesn’t block - I find the GCN 950ml bottles work well


Nice suggestion. Thank you Ewan

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Good suggestion. Thank you.