GCN+ closing down

Hey folks,
I guess some of you were also subscribed to GCN+. What do you think on the closure? For people outside Germany, can you look at the Discovery+ pricing in your country and tell me what plans there are for how much? I have the suspicion that we are ripped off here and that’s why I will not subsribe for now.

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Cannot really be bothered by it. Since I barely watch pro cycling races (Belgium can be watched here, and they broadcast more than the Dutch if I really want to see something). It was fun to binge a few documentaries from Mark Beaumont, but honestly I like the self-produced endeavours from for example Buzz Along Cycling much more.
It comes closer to self-sufficiency. And yes, the camera work is not that great. That being said, it feels more relatable than seeing paid cyclist suffer with a van in their bag picking them up when things get out of hand.

So yeah, sorry but not sorry for me.

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From the looks of it in the UK Standard is 6.99 per month and includes all cycling Grand tours and other stuff from Eurosport. Then for £29.99 per month you get premium which includes TNT Sports. I think we just have the basic subscription so don’t get any sports @ £3.99 so for £3 more I could get the Grand Tours.

However while I was subscribed to GCN+ it was really more for the documents as I don’t really much enjoy their coverage of the cycling. I did think at first it was a lot especially considering I couldn’t get it on the TV without streaming from my phone. That for me was a major failure when it first came out and it took ages before we got an app for TV.

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I will miss the silly documentaries. It was like cycling version of Top Gear/ The Grand Tour.

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Sad times. I too thought of it as a cycling top gear

Agreed. Very sad on this. Hope they put the content on their YouTube channel.