Furkapass trip in the summer


I’m planning todo Furkapass in the summer! is anyone here been there? i’ve got some questions @@

I know I saw someone in this group post pictures from Italy a while back

Think it was @terry but not sure it was Furkapass. I have ridden very close to there. Probably my favourite place to ride

I climbed it from the Andermatt side in 2022 as part of the Alpen Brevet. Feel free to ask me about it here or with a DM.


How was the Alpen Brevet? I have seen someone else post about this on another forum

I’ve actually done it a couple of time - silver route in 2018 (115km/2800m) and gold in 2022 (213/5000). First time the weather was amazing and really enjoyed it. Second time it was a 10.5 hour slog in cold wind and rain! However, regardless of the distance and the weather it’s a proper tour of Swiss Alps with views and altitude.

I live in Switzerland so have done many of the sportives (Alpen Brevet twice, Engadin Radmarathon twice, Alpen Challange four times), and they are all generally well-organised and marshalled, and of course the road quality is as you’d expect from the Swiss. If you go from June to August you can expect sunny weather the go with it.

Where abouts in Switzerland do you live? I am around Zurich and Geneva 1-2 per year.

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I am very jeoulous!!!

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I live near a city called Winterthur, just north of Zurich in the German speaking part of Switzerland. It’s characterised more by rolling hills than Alps, but still makes a great training area.

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Such an awesome area to live!

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!!

very jealous! sounds like you almost live in Winterfell