Full Jacket vs. Thermal Vest + Rain Jacket?

Again boring equipment. Over the years I ended up with a combo of two pieces (sorry for the outdated links, but just wanted to show the idea):

Some Mavic youtube promo

The nice thing about this combo is that often you can start for the early part of the ride with the vest till you are fully warm, and then scale back as needed.

The downside is that it’s 2 pieces. So if you are properly warmed up, do a climb, and just need the vest/jacket for the downhill part. The thing I had been running into is that all the one piece solutions require more space in your jersey pockets. On the other hand my setup is now 5 years old, surely modern tech moved on.

So what do you guys use/suggest for the downhill only part, where you might be over 5C, and/or have arm warmer for the real cold downhills ?

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I used to pack one of those super light rain jackets - the one I have is called hot pack. Works well if it rains or on cold descents, and then packs up tight into jersey pocket. Then you have the option of risking it just jersey or having gilet instead.

I’ve always been one for layers. I’ve got shower proof jackets, gilet’s and more waterproof jackets. For me I can’t stand are warmers and knee/leg warmers as for me at least to date I’ve not tried found any which stay in place. Perhaps I’m just not buying the best?

For gilets I’ve got a gore wind stopper one, front is wind stopper and the back is mesh I don’t wear it as much as my bontrager windproof gilet as that one packs up loads smaller and although thinner I think is just as warm. I also had a jacket in the same material which annoyingly I lost out of my back pocket on a 140mile ride.

My current cycle rain jacket is only ok and I can’t remember the brand just now. For running I have a Montane Shower proof jacket which packs small and then a Ronhill/Mountain Equipment Shake dry which is great in the wet but I still find it no as breathable.

Also interested for everyone’s feedback on this.

Ditto on @pav and @kevstorr - layers work best for me!

Full jacket for me, but I live in a cold climate, so pretty much either get to ride in summer with the possibility of just taking warm and leg warmers, or in any other time of the year where I really need a jacket!

I layer too. The thickest layer I wear is a very thin down gilet. I have a couple of other gilets that I wear, both of which are windproof. I wear arm warmers. I got on very well with Sportful Norain ones then tried Castelli Nanoflex. The performance is just as good as the Sportful but they are much thinner and I am pretty sure they are more aero than my bare arms.

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Well, the problem I am trying to solve is not riding in autumn / winter where the temperature is fairly constant, nor am I after the rain-and-get-soaking-wet case.

I am looking for something where I need to bridge 15C (60F) temperature differences within one single ride, no rain, while at the same time trying to keep the volume of what I need to stuff into my jersey pockets at a minimum.

Got a layered approach right now, vest + jacket, but really want to reduce this to a jacket only.

One example that is kind of similar is LeCol’s “Pro Aqua Zero” jersey. Great for autumn, breaths very well, does not work well in heavy rain. But it’s substantially better than a semi isolated jacket.