Fueling in Winter


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Is it true that you need to fuel more in the winter ?

Great question! That is something I have never heard of. Not saying it’s not true, but I’m leaning that way. Maybe someone else has info on this?

Same. Never heard of this.

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Check this

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In my eyes, I’d say it’s marginal.

From my experience, it possibly isn’t that you need to eat more but possibly that due to the cold people tend to drink and consume less than optimal. For example, because they’re not sweating the same they don’t think they need to drink. Often because a drink mix is used the two results are dehydration but also under fueling. Secondly, due to the cold gloves are worn and as a result, it’s harder to eat while riding.

Finally given that I see too many wearing less than perhaps they should then yes they are cold and their bodies are working harder to keep the correct temperature.

For example looking at runners. I’ll often see them wearing gloves with a singlet. They then say because they get cold hands. Given the brains primary program is to preserve life if your core body temp is low then it will reduce blood circulation to those less critical parts for example fingers and toes.

This is obviously just my observations.


@spoow I concur with Kev’s observations. I don’t think you need more calories but it requires more mental effort to consume enough.

Anecdotally I never get dehydrated in the summer but do sometimes in the winter.


Agree with this as well. Can’t imagine there would be a physiological need that would make a difference or someone would have made a marketing campaign / message out of it.

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