Food Journal Android Application

Quick question. Looking for a perhaps simple app where I can log my food intake, and then sort out things like calories and macronutrients from there.

Ideally links to Strava / Polar and other device service to get the calories spend, and maybe to TrainingPeaks to log stuff.

Put on way too much weight lately, and have likely a utterly unhealthy diet by now. So tracking status quo is perhaps a good idea.

MyFitnessPal would be worth a look. I’m pretty sure it links to TP, not sure about Strava/Polar. I know it links to Garmin so I’d think there’s a chance it might.

MyFitnessPal is $80 per year …

Cronometer is $50 per year …

Hi, I don’t pay anything for mfp. There is a premium version but I don’t use it, just the free one.

I don’t pay for MFP free version does all the food tracking and syncing. Not that I track it these days.

Going to add myself as another for the free version of mfp - all I need.