First aid kit for envents

Hi there,
3 days ago, I did my last sportive this year and it didn’t go as planed. Not only did I dangle just in front of the broom wagon alon in the rain and 50kph headwind for at least an hour, on the way to the hotel, I hit the deck and ripped open my hand.
Fortunately, I found a pharmancy that was open but I also realised how stupid it is not to pack some sort of first aid kit. Do you have one? What would you put in it?

sorry to hear that Chris.

I’ve various first aid kits. My usually first comment on this is if you don’t have any first aid training it is worth looking at getting some basic training and I’d suggest one of the outdoor based ones. Or British Cycling do some courses as well.

As for a first aid kit here given for options I have and am bad for not actually taking one on the bike or when I’ve done sportives. As a minimum I would take some various wound dressings and especially some larger ones. A lot of these are slim so easy to add to your current carry on the bike. Also cleaning wipes and that would be my very basic carry all easy to carry. Adding to that I would now go for a sterile dressing/pad, elasticated cohesive bandage. Putting them in a waterproof bag.

For kits I like the Lifesytems Light and Dry Nano

Here are a couple of links I’ve pulled fro the internet.

A little old but Bikeradar review of some first aid kits.

Another tip here in the UK you can often find a free local course on how to use the defibrillators that are located around near shops, pubs schools etc. These can be good as the machines are fully guided but just having got hands on with one can help if the time comes you need to use one.

@kevstorr covers everything really well here. Just wanted to post the it happens @chris.rides.mtb and don’t let it get you down!

Sorry to be reading this - heal fast.

Thanks a lot @kevstorr , what a comprehensive answer.
I did my first session on the trainer yesterday and the legs feel fresh. The wounds have almost healed and I hope to get in a few hours at the weekend. The only way not to crash is not to ride and that is of course no option.


Good to hear your healing and the legs are ok.

I’m glad you’ve healed. Good outlook as well.