Field aero testing

Hi, I thought I would spin off a separate thread for this one.

This is the original presentation by Robert Chung
It shows how elegant and simple the maths is to tease out a cda from a jumble of data.


Great share - thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this @Kicikacsa

Excellent share. Thank you.

How have you found the results from this? Any good improvements?

The results gave me what I was looking for at the time. That is feedback on finding: the most aero position that I could which was comfortable enough to ride a 12 hr; the amount of aero I was compromising on by going for comfort; and the impact of helmet options, road / aero road / short and long tail TT, on outcome.

There was a whole ton more that I wanted to get into to further refine equipment options etc. but circumstances have prevented me exploring further.

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very cool. thanks for sharing :slight_smile: