Favourite cycling podcasts

Favourite cycling related podcasts please :point_down:


Also interested in this. I’m really not a huge podcast listener, but can always start :slight_smile:

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I was waiting for someone else to start but never mind.

Marginal Gains Podcast
Anything by Escape Collective.

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Great question. Probably Time Trial Podcast for me. Although it’s been a long while since I listened.

Not a podcast listener at all. Could do tho…

I could write chapter and version given my 2hrs of commuting per day I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts over various genres. Health, Fitness, cycling, Running, Tech, Printing/Design.

Cycling and Running get split down into those which are entertainment and those which are more educational.

Watts Occurring
The Geraint Thomas Cycling Podcast
Breakfast with Boz
Life in the Peloton
The Science of Getting Faster - Trainer Road
Successful Athletes Podcast - Trainer Road
Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - Trainer Road
The Paceline Cycling Podcast
Nerd Alert
Marginal Gains Cycling Podcast
The Performance Nutrition Podcast
The Podium
The Modern Mind

Epic list @kevstorr! Nice one :slight_smile:

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Nice one. thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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Actually some quality suggestions @kevstorr thanks mate!

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This is a fantastic list - thank you!

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I could not live without podcasts. The ones I listen to on a regular basis:
GTCC/Watts Occurring
Life in the Peloton
Laterne Rouge
Matt Stephens unplugged
EF Cycling Performance
Scyence (German)
Krachen gehn (German)


That’s a good list!!!

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Chris have you tried Sitzfleisch?

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Mega list @chris.rides.mtb! Going to have to brush up my German too :wink:

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No, never heard of it. I will do!

Good luck on Krachen Gehn. Maurice Ballerstedt and his podcast companion have heavy Berlin accents. :smiley:

:rofl: :rofl: - good list though, thanks!

hahahahahahahahahah!! :smile: